Our Values

SUCCESSFUL GAMES We are aligned to the goals of our partners. Whether we're working with your existing IP or developing new properties, your goals become our goals; innovative gameplay, strengthening franchises, games of highest industry regard, and top sales through consumer appreciation. We understand the industry.

CONTROLLED GROWTH Blue Castle will maintain the highest levels of talent on all teams. If we can't ensure the depth of a new team, we won't build it.

MANAGED DEVELOPMENT CYCLES Quality takes time. With the added demands of next-gen for quality and innovation, we realize that games are going to take longer to build. It is our desire to control development cycles and to ensure that our aspirations of quality can be met in realistic time frames.

DESIRE TO PURSUE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Imagining new worlds, characters, and stories is what drives Blue Castle to step into the development community. Using next generation technology, we wish to create interactive stories and experiences for an increasingly sophisticated audience.

EVERYONE HAS A SENSE OF OWNERSHIP At Blue Castle, it is our goal that no one ever feels like "employee X". We are strongly committed to giving everyone a sense of place, ownership, and involvement in the creation of our games.

DEVELOPING AN ATMOSPHERE OF PASSION Making games should be fun. We envision a creative playground that allows passionate people to fully express themselves through their work.

CRAFTING OUR PRODUCTS We're not here to make games on an assembly-line, we are here to craft experiences. Every environment, character, gameplay mechanic and plot point in our games will be carefully created.

BALANCING WORK AND LIFE This is a demanding industry and the best games are not built on 9-5 schedules. However, we more than anyone recognize that happy, healthy employees have more passion, dedication, and desire to create great games. We aim to work hard and play hard in a family atmosphere, but give people the time and space that they need to live balanced lives.

BUILDING TEAM CHEMISTRY Great teams make great games. It takes time to build that special blend of team chemistry and we fully intend to keep productive groups of people together.

MENTORSHIP Blue Castle Games features some of the strongest, most experienced talent ever for a start-up. Growing people's skill sets and careers is very important for us, and we intend to share as much of this knowledge as possible.