Best Computer App Games and Mobile Games

Mobile phones today have a come a long way and the development of gaming apps has grown massively. Computer app games are also very popular and these allow you to play your favourite mobile games on your desktop computer. If you have a favourite iOS or Android game, there's a good chance that it is available as a computer app game too. On this page of our site, you'll find out all about computer app games, the different categories, themes, and devices that they are available for.

Computer App Games

Computer app games are really popular and allow you to enjoy some great video games on your mobile devices. There are Android games and iOS games that you download free. You can even get some great free casino games too. They work just like native apps on your smartphone and with advances in technology, they are getting better and better.

Types of Computer App Games

There are lots of different types of computer app games available for all mobile devices and we have the different categories that you can choose from along with a brief explanation of each below.

  • Action: This category features a range of titles including shooting games, arcade games, fast-moving fighting games, car race, and more. All the games in this category will require sharp reflexes if you want to win.
  • Adventure: These games often blend reflex testing and puzzle solving and take players to new exciting places. The focus of these games is on entertainment and engagement more so that's combat so the pace is slower than action games. In these adventure games, you may have to solve mysteries and puzzles to progress through the game and the story.
  • Card: Fans of card games might also look at a casino app if they want to play for real money. Card games include poker, rummy, solitaire, and other favourites. There are traditional games and some card games that take things a step further.
  • RPG: Role-playing games often involve journeys and heavy storylines. They allow for hours of play and feature diverse character. You play as a character living out the story. There are imaginary worlds and your decisions and actions have consequences.
  • Sports: In these computer app games you get to play your favourite sports such as basketball, football, and baseball. Some games focus on one particular aspect or experience while others allow you to play entire games against a virtual team. You can even become a manager and coach your favourite team.
  • Strategy: These games usually take part on a battlefield or competitive arena and involve planning. Chess can fall into this category but there are lots more games available too. A strategy game will cover everything from army placement to one-on-one combat. They require logic and focus.

Best New Mobile Games for iOS and Android

There are some great new mobile games available for Android and iOS devices and we have listed some of the new computer app games below. Many of these are available for free download but some will have in-app purchases or a small charge.

  • Alto's Odyssey: Available for iPhone, this iOS game has a desert theme and players get to swoop down slopes, do somersaults while airborne, and avoid obstacles. It's a relaxing calming game with stunning scenery and amazing sunsets for players to enjoy.
  • Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition: This free download game is available for iPhone and Android and this edition of this popular franchise is a mix of a road trip and Japanese fantasy. It features a group of friends who spend lots of time in sports cars and battling monsters. It includes touchscreen moves to help you influence the action scenes by tapping to dodge, block and use special attacks.
  • The Room: Old Sins: This is another of the popular iOS games and a great computer app game for everyone. This is a super-tactile puzzle box game and the best one yet. You get to explore a ghostly doll's house and solve puzzles by manipulating object you find inside. You get to slide open secret compartments and so much more by tapping the screen.
  • Hero Academy 2: This free download computer app game is available for iOS and Android devices. It is a turn-based strategy game that is similar to Hearthstone. You battle with fantasy character cards and there's a great solo mode that you can use to learn how to fight and build a good deck for when you want to take on other payers online. You can build your deck based on battling style or spell heavy attack tactics.